The cataloguing data generation system of the UFPA (FICAT) is a system developed by the team of librarians in partnership with scholars students of computer science course at the University. The initiative seeks to assist students of the institution in the development of chips for cataloging theses and dissertations reviewed by (the) librarians (the) library system at the Federal University of Pará (SIBI/UFPA).

To use it simply fill out the form on the website ( and wait for a period of at least three working days for receipt of plug in your email, I've revised and with the addition of subject and classification number.

Name: Microcomputers

Description: Intended for administrative tasks and the common use of students and Professors

Location: PPLSA Administrative Office

Pieces of equipment: 11 microcomputers


Name: Datashow

Description: Designed for presentation tasks of Professors and students

Location: PPLSA classroom

Pieces of equipment: 02 datashows


Name: Multifunction printer

Description: For administrative tasks of the PPLSA Coodinator’s Office

Location: PPLSA Administrative Office and Coordination Coordinator’s Office

Pieces of equipment: 03 printers

To access the updated production of this graduate program, visit the platform Sucupira Capes ( and perform the following routines:


1) Select the icon Intellectual Productions: (

2) Choice: the year; the institution (Federal University of Pará), the graduate program; Type of production (artistic; Bibliography; or technical).

3) activate the button "Browse".

4) After the last procedure, the list of production will be visibilizada. Then, activate the magnifying glass on the right side of each item. That way, you'll have detailed information about the production.

5) If you want to show all of the productions of the program, activate directly the button "Browse". The complete list of selected visibilizada year's production. To trigger the magnifying glass to the right of each item, you will have detailed information about each production.

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