The Languages and Knowledge in the Amazon Graduate Program (PPLSA), at the Master's level, is linked to the University Campus of Bragança, at the Federal University of Pará, and aims at continuing education and fostering the investigative practice of professionals holders of a Higher Education diploma who are able to work in the teaching of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies, in management and in specialized cultural intervention, with the primary objective of studying, from endogenous and exogenous movements, the various representations and practices that they perfected and made up the various configurations of cultures in / in the Amazon, through the understanding of different discursive formations, in different languages, and their corresponding social and historical conditions of production, having as fundamental objectives:

I - to investigate the different discursive forms, in different languages, about and in the Amazon Region;

II - map and understand the epistemological imbrications of local knowledge and universal knowledge, from the tension between the international, national and regional, colonial and post-colonial components;

III - establish the decentralization of knowledge production about the Amazon;

IV - propose critical studies of the local reality;

V - propose interdisciplinary practices for studying local realities;

VI - foster proposals for co-participation between academia and the community in solving tensions and social and cultural conflicts.