PPLSA faculty, students and alumni publish articles in journals, books, book chapters and works in the annals of events, which demonstrates a significant expansion of intellectual production on the Amazon region, with a focus on Narratives and Images, Education, Languages ​​and Cultures, Health and Sociobiodiversity in the Amazon. This shows that the Program plays an important role in contributing to the understanding of the main regional issues in the interdisciplinary area of ​​languages ​​and knowledge in the Amazon.

It is a significant set of materials and knowledge that circulates in the regional and national scientific community and among teachers of Higher Education, Basic Education, administrative technicians of the institutions, as well as among educators of social movements.

National and international events are relevant spaces for the circulation of the knowledge produced and the visibility of PPLSA, as it allows teachers and students to socialize their research, debate with the external public and publicize the Program's actions.

The broad participation of the community in the events is also indicative of the Program's credibility and legitimacy.

Creation of an interactive website - "Knowledge and Forest" to support teacher training, coordinated by Professor Vanderlúcia da Silva Ponte

Orientation workshops for academic presentations, coordinated by Professor Ana Paula Vieira de Souza.