PPLSA has an impact on the organization of events, participation of its professors in consultancy and advisory activities in governmental and non-governmental bodies, through the production of research results in qualified periodicals and books, in the maintenance and daily update of the PPLSA website that contains all the information of interest to the local, national and international community and its wide interaction with other national and international programs.

The repercussion also expands for the training of undergraduate students, interaction between undergraduate and graduate courses, interaction between University and communities, approach with high school students, insertion of the Afro-indigenous theme in public schools, coordinated by Professor  Vanderlúcia da Silva Ponte.

Studies and research with teachers from the municipal and state education networks in the Youth and Adult Education modality, through a Specialization Course in Youth and Adult Education for Youth. Also research at the master's level, which contribute to the solidification of rural education in the northern region, having its graduates contributed to the reflection and insertion in the pedagogical practices of teachers from the municipal and state networks, coordinated by Professor Georgina Negrão Kalife Cordeiro.