The PPLSA starts from the need for interdisciplinary work between the Lines, in order to foster research on the historical cultural problems in the Amazon, in the understanding of theories, methodologies and methods aiming to unveil the objects studied. The single Area of Concentration, Languages and Knowledge, aims at analyzing the experiences related to repertoires related to knowledge, languages ​​and cultures, such as the realization of social practices, the scope and dimensions of their representations and the socialization of the produced knowledge, observing the interaction of subjects with and about the environment in the Amazon. To achieve these purposes, it is imperative to overcome the limits of disciplinary knowledge for an interdisciplinary theoretical-practical discussion, necessary to understand and seek solutions to the social phenomena manifested in capitalist society.


Research Lines:

Narratives and Images in the Amazon

It brings together studies in the field of literature and oral and / or written history in the Amazon that aim at narratological, imagery and memorialistic reflections, in view of different textual genres (novels, reports, statements, documents, images). The proposal of the line is to rethink the interdisciplinary dialogue under the aspects of factuality / fictionality and the new media, artistic and technological languages. Therefore, it houses research projects aimed at understanding bibliographic and ethnographic processes, in the Amazon repertoire as a target / source of discursive productions in different spheres of human language. Axis: Narrative, memory and imagery in the Amazon. Axis: Identity, image and orality in Amazonian cultures. Axis: Society, religion and gender diversity in the Amazon.


Research Lines:

Education, Languages ​​and Cultures in the Amazon

The line of research favors the interaction of different areas of knowledge and the development of interdisciplinary research, enables the interaction of Professors in studies related to education and languages ​​as a result of socio-cultural, economic and political construction. Discussions of knowledge production processes, knowledge, educational and linguistic practices in Amazonian territories. The axes that guide the research involve approximations between education, languages ​​and subjectivities, in the ways of production of life and culture, in the educational processes, curricula, teacher training, ethnic-racial relations, childhoods and genders, allowing a wide dialogue between the different sociocultural knowledge and representations found in different Amazonian territorialities and their historical, social and cultural configurations. Axis: Languages, territorialities, interculturality and education in the Amazon. Axis: Curriculum and Teacher Training, Ethnic-Racial Relations, Childhood in Amazonian territories.


Research Lines:

Health and Sociobiodiversity in the Amazon

Interdisciplinary studies on knowledge, languages, practices, cultures, health and environments of groups and communities that configure Amazonian socio-biodiversity, in its dimensions and relationships. Axis: Knowledge, environments, technologies and productive practices in the Amazon. Axis: Knowledge, cultures, health and Amazonian environments.